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Coronavirus Emergency Response Solution

  • Identify people in proximity to confirmed cases or in infection hotspots
    • Send real time alert to affected people
  • Monitor people in home quarantine to enforce isolation
    • Send real time alerts with exact location to law enforcement
  • Real-time watch lists of confirmed cases and of people in quarantine
    • Alert law enforcement in case of violations
  • Monitor for events that violate restrictions
    • Alert law enforcement in real time
  • Detect and track people who enter the country from infected areas
  • Real-time situational awareness at a geographical and individual level
    • Secure and reliable communication channels for command and control centers

How does it work?

Track and monitor your infected population is based on a technology that harvests GPS accurate, device-specific anonymous locations in real-time at a massive scale. Use operationally-proven secure, cloud-based command and control system for first responders (medical, law enforcement& other agencies) that can be installed on existing devices and commercial mobile networks. The solution is based on COTS cloud-based technologies, publicly downloadable apps, and web SaaS technologies that make it deployable and operational within a few days!

Key Benefits:
  • Mobile devices are the tracker – based on legal, non-intrusive data collection from individual’s mobile devices through legitimate applications installed by the user’s device.
  • Off-the-shelf deployability – utilizes commercial infrastructure, agnostic to mobile operators and device type and deployable (cloud-based and mobile apps) in days.
  • Big Data collection – Industry proven, exabyte scale data collection and advanced data-mining analytics to identify potential hotspots, monitor the infected population, provide real-time alerts, empower your decisions and steer your response effectively.
  • Optimal geolocation visibility – provides optimal visibility of your responders and other personnel in real-time, while simultaneously displaying to all users the locations of infected persons and other events such as gatherings, traffic, etc. to ensure maximum transparency and data-driven mission tasking.
  • Manage your joint mission – advanced communication, management and organizational capabilities as an excellent crisis management tool for various units operating in a joint mission. The system provides a wide range of missioncritical capabilities including a cloud-based situation room, one-button “panic button”/”man down” functionalities and
    an open architecture to connect to your existing systems.
  • Powerful communications – secure, dependable communication (voice/video/data) with all your responders and critical direct broadcast with the population when necessary. The system allows you to focus your communications by geographical area or predefined task forces easily so you can broadcast to combined personnel in an instant. The system
    also supports message broadcast to the general population.
  • Privacy and data protection – data collection is anonymized and GDPR compliant. The command and control platform meets international 3GPP MC-PTT standards for a secure and reliable communication including SSL secured datalinks and AES-256 encryption on voice links.


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Deploying SBC in fight against Covid-19

  • Ready to Go Solution for Crisis Management
  • Downloadable App for Smartphone/Tablet
  • Countrywide deployment in few days (!)
  • Push-to-Talk over Cellular Networks
  • Command & Control : Managemant and control of joint missions


Technical Datasheet: SBC0220

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