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C4ISR – Solutions

C4ISR – Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber & Information – Intelligence

Our Partner is a major supplier of C4ISR systems, delivering mission-critical information and situational awareness to all levels of command.

Sample Scenario:


All-in-One C5I2 (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber, Information & Intelligence) System for collaborative operations. To meet the challenges of Net-Centric Warfare (NCW) and reap the benefits of true battlespace digitization, MIL organizations require field-proven C5I2SR solutions that support the full spectrum of military operations.

  • FPS – Field Proven Solutions
  • TS – Technological Superiority
  • LR– Low Risk – Tailor Made Solutions
  • TT– Transfer of Technology
  • GE – Global Expirience
  • 4PBP – For Professionals by Professionals
  • EE – End to End Solutions
  • GBI – Green-Brown field Integration

Weapon-Integrated Battle Management System for enhanced force effectiveness

An all-in-one BMS solution covering all army branches and echelons. BMS enables universal situational awareness as well as in-depth collaborative mission planning and management based on real-time information, and an always-updated Common Operational Picture (COP).


Tactical computers with different configurations run the WinBMS software and serve as the user interface for the vehicle’s crew. Advanced capabilities are based on gunner / commander sight video processing, including video motion detection, tactical overlays displayed over video and common sight language between platforms.


A complete range of tactical communication solutions, meeting the requirements of the individual soldier through to strategic systems required by HQ. SDR, IP and Satellite communications, broadband and Advanced Soldier PNR (Personal Networking Radios) – full – duplex voice conferencing, data and video.


TNS – Tactical Networking Service is a sophisticated middleware that resides between the BMS applications and the tactical media bearers, providing seamless communication integration from the strategic level down to the individual soldier. The TNS operates over heterogeneous media bearers with variant communication attributes, creating a seamless and unified “Tactical Internet” while hiding the underlying complexities of the network from the applications and their operational users. Aside from these core components, BMS incorporates a broad spectrum of weapon systems, sensors and radios from a range of manufacturers and vendors. The BMS modular architecture and extensive knowledge base makes it simple to integrate with additional vehicle management system.



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