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S3 – Cyber Security Solutions


 Network Security Solutions – S3NS

Our trusted LAN/WAN Network Security Solutions with a wide range, from compact ALL-IN-ONE products to complete solutions for IT & critical infrastructures like Datacentres, Electric Grid Centres and

Customer service and consulting are our top priorities.

Depending on the support level and project volume, we are able to offer pre-sales support for:

CyberStrategy*  – Development of Cyber-Defense- and Security-Strategy.

CyberRisk*  – Security- and Risk-Assessment f.e. consulting for Cyber-Insurance contracts.

CyberAttack* – Crisis-Management and prevention of new Attacks.


* Information and consulting services and special training are included in our consultation.


S3 – Secure Communications

  Secure Communications – S3SC

Wiretapping and other risks occur, when it comes to confidential voice communications, especially in mobile networks. S3 – Secure Communications solutions prevent „man in the middle attacks“ and unsecured connections, so that your communications are always protected.


S3 – Endpoint Protection

  Endpoint Protection – S3EPP

Our trusted Endpoint Protection Solutions protect all kind of Endpoint Devices.



Please note that we only deliver to dedicated authorities, security agencies and services, authorized organizations and companies.

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