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Electronic Warfare


 S3-EW Solutions
Pioneering EW Solutions to the constantly challenging needs!

Situational Awareness, Targeting and Survivability on the Ground – The modern battlespace presents a host of complex and evolving challenges that are thoroughly addressed by S3 through a highly advanced, wide range of critical- interoperable and operational COMINT/COMJAM/ELINT/ECM, Radars and Command Control (CC) systems.

Integrated Electronic Warfare System (IEWS)

Highly advanced, fully integrated ESM/ELINT/COMINT/ECM/COMJAM and Command Control systems for all operational EW demands. The IEW-Solution enables active and passive intelligence – including collection, processing and exploitation, EW countermeasures and command control. ALL-IN-ONE comprehensive, interoperable and customizable system! It provides to the decision-makers a complete real-time SIGINT and EW picture of the battle-field and powerful responds to existing and emergency threats from airborne, naval and ground platforms- enabling real-time situational awareness and simultaneous operation of elements for electronic support (ES) and electronic-attack (EA).

COMINT & DF Solutions

Our communications intelligence (COMINT) and direction finding (DF) systems covers a wide frequency range and is capable of activity detection and interception, direction and location finding, signal analysis, monitoring, decoding and digital recording. The system agile low probability of interception (LPI) signals, such as frequency hopping (FH) and burst transmissions. This integrated solution supports smart, swift interception, identification and pin-point detection of the most sophisticated signals spanning the full-frequency-band, providing a real-time tactical picture of the battlefield.

Cellular COMINT Systems

Cellular COMINT systems are available for all platforms and configurations, our COMINT systems are suitable for various operational scenarios in both MIL and HLS environments. It provides scanning, intercepting, monitoring, recording, locating and manipulating of all cellular platform-types.

  •  Active
  • Passive
  • Wi-Fi
Cellular Communication Control System for Strategic Facilities

COM-CONTROL is a cutting-edge, selective and remarkably effective cellular inhabitation, monitoring and control system that handles all communication in sensitive areas and across strategic facilities. Installed in dozens of locations, the system provides an overall solution for communication control in critical facilities.



Early Warning Systems

  • Drone Counter Systems
    • Deployable
    • Mobile
    • EventKits
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