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Counter Drone Solution

Counter Drones Solution, CDS

Detects, Identifies, Locates and Defeats Drones
in all relevant commercial frequency bands

The ReDrone was developed in response to the rapidly growing use of commercial drones and quadcopters for hostile and terror activities, and the need to protect sensitive locations, VIPs and friendly forces. The system can detect, identify, locate and neutralize commercial drone threats in real-time, delivering exceptionally effective countermeasures for civilian, HLS, military and
paramilitary defense. The ReDrone system has been developed using sophisticated, field-proven SIGINT and EW technologies to create a two-level solution that provides options for both short and long-range protection, making it ideal for use in multiple scenarios, including the defense of borders, airports, strategic facilities, public events, convoys and VIPs.


• Detects, identifies, locates (DF), and neutralizes drones in all relevant commercial communication frequencies
• Passive detection and pointing for both the drone and its operator’s direction
• Detects and neutralizes multiple drones and their operators simultaneously
• Low electromagnetic interference; transmits reactively only when drone is detected
• Integrated display for local command post/user interface
• Tailored solution for customer’s requirements
• Fast deployment
• Easy to operate
• Various configurations (portable, vehicular, Man-pack) ReDrone is available in two levels, a pure SIGINT solution or an integrated system that includes SIGINT plus additional systems such as radar and electro-optical systems.

Key Features

• Passive Detection and Selective Defeating: transmits only when drone is detected
• Detects and defeats drones in all relevant commercial communication frequencies
• Optional addition of radar system (3-4 km detection range) and EO/IR (1 km classification range)
• Single drone and swarm detection and defeating capability
• Detection and Direction Finding (DF) of the drone and the remote control
• Optional configurations: portable, quick deployment, stationary, mobile
• Cost-effective
• Field-proven technology

Counter Drones Solution Principle


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